Hillsboro United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018

Prayer Ministry

My House Shall Be A House Of Prayer (Isaiah 56:5-7, Matthew 21:13)

The need is for a prayer cover for all ministries.
In a house of prayer, prayer will be taught from the pulpit. I’m finding that all too many folks were brought up with the attitude that the minister, priest, or nun did the praying for us and they did not need prayer for themselves seemingly because they had a direct line.
                          9 elements common to a house of prayer:  

  1. Prayer visible from the pulpit. Prayer is a change agent. A key, not a suggestion at the end of a sermon.
  2. Prayer saturates every aspect of the service. Several pray with the pastor before he speaks, & they pray during the service.
  3. Leadership is committed to prayer. It’s a way of life for them.
  4. Prayer is an agenda item for every group meeting.
  5. Prayer is part of Christian Education. Sunday School & Small Groups do a teaching series.
  6. The Pastor has a strong prayer covering (Romans 15:30) Leaders are prime targets for attack. People need to see & imitate leaders praying and being prayed for. Prayer teams should pray daily for the pastor before and during all church services.
  7. Prayer is the first step, not the last resort.
  8. Intercession is an integral part of the church life. A prayer chain is a 2 way street with emergency needs & a mechanism to share answers to those requests. We are looking into the possibility of an "E" mail chain so each gets the same message but might only be initiated by the Pastor or Prayer Leader to eliminate gossip. Prayer is also a means for reaching beyond the church’s walls to influence the government and the world.
  9. The church has a recognized Prayer Leader other than the Senior Pastor but the pastor must champion the cause.
        (Used with permission from Broadman & Holman Publishers, Taken from My House Shall Be a House of Prayer. Author: Glen Martin and Dian Ginter) 

Prayer Chain 

If you have a prayer concern that you would like to for several people from the church to pray for, call Marianne Hammond (478-5412).