Hillsboro United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018

     I am inviting you on a journey of a lifetime.  I believe this 40 day spiritual journey will give you the keys that will unlock the secrets of God’s Word and lead you to a more joyful and generous life. 

     I invite you to prayerfully go through the daily Scripture readings as an individual, couple or family.  Each week there is a special project for you to in order to take a financial, lifestyle and generosity “snapshot” of where you are during this time in your life.  Each week, there are personal, family, or group questions to help you talk about these subjects that are seldom or never talked about.

     I truly believe that if you faithfully give yourself to this journey, that there are untold blessings ahead as you seek to honor and obey the Lord.

     Thank you for your participation in this life-changing journey. 

     Below are links to the devotional.

     Week 1 devotional;

     Week 1 Worksheet

     Week 2 devotional

     Week 3 devotional

     Week 4 devotional

     Week 5 devotional

     Week 6 devotional


Yours for God’s glory,

Pastor Joseph