Hillsboro United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018

History of the Hillsborough United Methodist Church

”The History of a Church 1839-2003” is a comprehensive history of the United Methodist Church of Hillsborough. It is printed in paperback format and is available at $18.00 per copy. Photographs are included as well as early lists of members, probationers, early marriages, etc.

 To order a copy, just send a check or money order for the correct amount and send to:


United Methodist Church

PO Box 692

Hillsborough, NH 03244


A copy of the history is available at the Fuller Public Library in Hillsborough, the church library and at the General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church in New Jersey.


The following text is the actual book Introduction and explains how the book was organized:


                                       Introduction to The History of a Church


Unfortunately, few early records of the Methodist Church of Hillsborough, New Hampshire survived the 1800s. To present this history to the best of our ability we have researched available records in many different forms. The most consistent files found in the church building are minutes of various committee meetings beginning in the 1920s. Research also involved local records and the town’s weekly newspaper, The Messenger.


There are several different ways to present a history and the easiest approach has been chosen: chronological. The book begins in 1839 and ends in 2003. When notes or meeting minutes were available, text has been extracted and those notes have been strung together in what is the most logical fashion possible. Our only regret: history is history. It does not make for very imaginative reading.


Excerpts from meeting minutes are used often and those excerpts, chosen at the discretion of the editor, should not be construed as complete word-for-word evidence of the times. Some references have been included purely for curiosity’s sake – perhaps reference to a particular era or to compare the dollar cost of a ‘then vs. now’ item – not because it ties into anything particularly relevant.


The history has been compiled from church records, existing articles, known facts, and various data that has been pre-published or made accessible in one form or another. When the author is known, credit is given to that particular author/committee. If letters or words were undistinguishable, a question mark (?) may appear with no further explanation.


You will surely notice some inconsistency of grammar or what appears to be antiquated phraseology in some instances. This is deliberate. To be true to the past, when whole sections of meeting minutes or letters were used it appears in the book ‘as is’ -- to better pass on the flavor of the time. One inconsistency I’d like to point out is that I have used the full spelling of Hillsborough in the text. However, when using quoted materials, if that author used the shortened version, Hillsboro, it was left that way.


This little Methodist church in Hillsborough, New Hampshire was established in 1839 based on principles presented by John Wesley years before. This history outlines how individuals and committees have moved the church from 1839 on into the new millennium. It is a book of dates, events, and lists and does not include a lot of religious doctrine. However, we want you to know that from the beginning to present day, our church family is infused with the love of God. We therefore present this memory from yesterday’s saints of the Methodist Episcopal Church to today’s saints of the United Methodist Church of Hillsborough, NH with love and affection